About the BildungsHanse

Trading Ideas for Teacher Education

The BildungsHanse is an exchange platform for international cooperation in teacher training.

Basic idea and goals

Student teachers often stay in their home countries and regions, and look for a university close to their home towns. So how can they gain insight into other systems and teacher training approaches, both national and international?

The BildungsHanse network, which was founded in 2015, aims to enable this insight into school systems and the approaches to teaching and learning in other countries. Both actual and virtual cooperation provides students with the opportunity to develop and implement their own ideas, outside of their everyday experience as student teachers.

The network combines skills from research and practice in various countries and research fields. Similar to the medieval Hanseatic network, one of the goals is to promote the exchange of experience and for this to be practised in education. In contrast to the Hanseatic League, however, the BildungsHanse is open to new developments and anyone who is interested in teacher training should benefit from it.

The network thus extends existing EU programmes like ERASMUS by adding a new perspective, which is particularly aimed at student groups. Tasks which have been jointly developed by educational researchers and social scientists aim to encourage students to help shape learning environments and reflect on results, while considering both the learning environments and learning cultures of different countries.

Analysing similarities and differences also offers an additional basis for understanding the synergy between the quality of lessons and the learning processes. This glimpse above and beyond your own experience and comfort zone can provide new inspiration and an openness for change and development.

Kiel University’s Centre for Teacher Training has been coordinating the BildungsHanse activities since 2015.


Until now the following universities are taking part in the BildungsHanse:

  • Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel (University of Kiel), Kiel, Germany
  • Helsingin yliopisto (University of Helsinki), Helsinki, Finland
  • Tampereen yliopisto (University of Tampere), Tampere, Finland
  • Umeå universitet (University of Umeå), Umeå, Sweden
  • Universitetet i Tromsø – Norges arktiske universitet (University of Tromsø - Norways arctic university), Tromsø, Norway
  • Uppsala universitet (University of Uppsala), Uppsala, Sweden
  • Universitetet i Agder (University of Agder), Agder, Norway