IPN-professor receives honorary doctorate from University Umeå, Sweden

Oct 31, 2018

Professor Ilka Parchmann, director of the IPN and vice president at Kiel University, was awarded an honorary doctoracte from the Faculty of Science and Technology of Umeå University, Sweden, this year. 




University Umeå honors Ilka Parchmann's strong commitment in chemistry didactics, international cooperation and network building. She was a guest professor for the Department of Science and Mathematics Education at Umeå University between 2011 and 2015.  Between 2014 and 2018, together with her research team at CAU's IPN, Ilka Parchmann conducted a research project at Umeå University that was funded by The Swedish Research Council. The project aimed at exposing structural and teaching-related differences between the German and the Swedish schooling systems. High school students' cognitive, meta-cognitive and motivational abilities in years 5 to 11 were examined. Futhermore, Ilka Parchmann was the initiator of BildungsHanse. This cooperative network supports the development of a mutual understanding of similarities and differences in the countries' education systems and of the way teachers are educated in each country. 

In the laudation, Ilka Parchmann was not only honored for her commitment in the Department of Science and Mathematics Education, but also for her support of the Faculty of Science and Technology and the Centre for Educational Development.